At Penn State University, I teach MKTG 342: Marketing Research to undergraduate students.

  • Across three sections of the course I taught in the Spring of 2021, the average evaluation I received on the "Overall Instructor Quality" dimension was a 6.74 out of 7.

As a Ph.D. student at the University of South Carolina, I taught five sections of the marketing capstone course MKTG 465: Strategy and Planning to undergraduate business students.

  • Across five sections of the course, the average evaluation I received from students on the "Instructor Performance" dimension was a 4.81 out of 5.


Below, I am including a few comments from the teaching evaluations provided by students. To be fair, I've also included one of my weaknesses, as stated by a student, at the end.

      • "I think this is Sotos' first year as a professor. The Darla Moore School of Business should learn from him, he's hilarious, young, easy going, and that is how teaching students my age should be. He is the most engaging teacher I've had."

      • "Sotos is one of my favorite professors at USC. He provided relevant information to help make class more interesting, and took the time to really get to know his students."

      • "He is super knowledgeable and interacts with the students in a manner that allows growth and learning. His lectures were interesting and engaging. His office hours were always open to anyone and he was super helpful every time I went to see him. He went above and beyond to help me succeed. His assignments were always relevant and helped every step of the way when certain aspects were confusing."

      • "His strengths are his way to relate the course content to a younger audience. Also, whenever students answer questions he has a natural ability to see the students perspective which makes the environment of the class a lot more comfortable. His ability to do that encourages participation because if a student misunderstood the question and their answer wasn’t right, he re-clarifies what the question is and draws on how that person could have given that answer."

      • "Sotos was an amazing teacher! He made class fun and the material interesting. He was always prepared for class and made interacting with the rest of the class easy. He was a great resource to my group in our project and would provide feedback on our work if we sent it to him before the deadline so we could edit it before we submit it for grading which was so helpful. I would definitely recommend him and would take another class with him."

      • Weakness: "He's a Kanye West fan."